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and so my wishes……

i want a projector
2 see my life rushing through

i want a butterfly
2 colour the days with its shine

i want a clock
to rewind back the time

i want smoke
to blacken up the existence

i want white
to brighten up the eyes

i want autumn
to set the emotions dry

i want paint
to hide the scratched layer

above all
i want myself
to feel the joy of me!!

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if only !!

if only to avoid the half happiness
that takes me away from you

if only to crush the half mind
to stop believing what i had been into

if only to sense the blurred half sight
to see the soul’s flight

if only to utter the mumbled half words
to know if you could still understand me

if only to take the half breath
to feel if am still alive

if only i could pull the magic out of you
to know if your charms still work

if only i could be half dead
to sense the half pain
to bring me closer to youu!!


and for ‘some’ people who took it otherwise hahaha i need to explain ou the context 🙂

1st Stanza: in regard of relation to Allah Talah, to avoid the pleasure that takes me away from him.

2nd Stanza: to forget any bad things that happened in the past.

3rd Stanza: to experience death.

4th Stanza: for people.

5th Stanza: to feel life

6th Stanza: for people

7th Stanza: for Allah Talah, cos we only remember him while we are in pain and if that is so then pain should be a constant form of our live’s.


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a white knight !!

in the middle of the night
when the moon is so high
and the light is so bright

all the gardener’s delight
starts coming back
in a joyous plight

an angels flight
up the sky
out of sight

when the whisper sings
with a beautiful smile
ladened with golden wings

its a white knight
asking for forgiveness
from the king of mighty might’s

from the knower of black and white
comes all the way
a blessed rainbow light

in the middle of night
when the moon is so high
and the light is so bright 🙂

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A little!!

a little wish
a little smile
a little shiny sprinkle from d sky

a little faith
a little disbelief
a little truth for d perception

a little trust
a little fear
a little laugh from d heart

a little warmth
a little glow
a little fire for d show

a little professional
a little private
a little stealing from d pocket money

a little dream
a little reality
a little gush for d soul

a little fair
a little funny
a little love fom d honey

it really is
a little little
a little we wish for 🙂

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I was only dreaming!!

the sky was blue
and moon was high

clouds were hidden
and rain was pouring

painter was creative
and started writing

a seedless garden
and it was flourishing

the bright sunlight
and it was darkening

the utter reality
and i was imagining

wind was still
and hair were gust

eyes were shut
and i was watching

the untold truth
and i was believing

life was dead
and i was breathing

and the only thing is
i was only dreaming!!

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my broken words !!

i know words

i know the meaning
to line them up
and convey a notion
i can make them scrabble
through your tiny head
i can make them fly
beneath your eyesight
as they walk and lean
and talk in your dream
they can show you
the life’s real theme
the darker side
of you story
so called glory
your life’s tragedy
you ultimate climax
but it’s my words
and they won’t go astray
searching for you
following you
to tear you apart
cos these are words
my words!!


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