Fallen flowers!!

i guess the pic explains it all πŸ™‚

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My Name !!

and here goes the story behind this pic …..

a day while travelling i was istening to the song ‘my name’Β  and i just remembered the tree in Jannah (Heaven) which has every man’s name on it, their entire history of the world

i just though that i too have a name there so just made this pic in that context

fallen tokens are the people who are dead and the alive ones are still on the tree…. it’s also about my relationships on the same tree

i don’t know whether i have been able to explain it truly but i guess it works πŸ™‚

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I was only dreaming!!

the sky was blue
and moon was high

clouds were hidden
and rain was pouring

painter was creative
and started writing

a seedless garden
and it was flourishing

the bright sunlight
and it was darkening

the utter reality
and i was imagining

wind was still
and hair were gust

eyes were shut
and i was watching

the untold truth
and i was believing

life was dead
and i was breathing

and the only thing is
i was only dreaming!!

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Fatal Revenge

Heya ppl

howdy? i hope you do like the emo first πŸ˜€ if you do let me know πŸ™‚

do you find smthng missing in here?? ……. searching?? ….. well lemme tell you

emo has no lips πŸ˜€

well you might disagree but that’s my idea of revenge. if i have to take it someone i just want their power of speech to go for a while, when they can only listen and interpret whatever i say πŸ˜€ hahaha

so that they cannot respond to whatever i tell them or when i crticize them πŸ˜€

because i believe if you can make someone angry that is the best revenge πŸ˜€


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my broken words !!

i know words

i knowΒ the meaning
to line them up
and convey a notion
i can make them scrabble
through your tiny head
i can make them fly
beneath your eyesight
as they walk and lean
and talk in your dream
they can show you
the life’sΒ real theme
the darker side
of you story
so called glory
your life’s tragedy
you ultimate climax
but it’s my words
and they won’t go astray
searching for you
following you
to tear you apart
cos these are words
my words!!


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